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Frequently asked


  • I Made a Mistake On My Order. What Can I do?
    Once an order has been received by SaphBooks and forwarded for processing, changes to the order cannot be made through our system. However, if SaphBooks has not confirmed the order, you can cancel the order and then place a new order. If SaphBooks has already confirmed the order, contact us directly on and ask if you can still cancel the order or make the necessary correction before shipping the book. If the book is already in transit, you will need to initiate a return/refund upon its arrival. You can cancel an order as long as it has not yet been processed by the bookseller. Go to My Account and click [View My Purchases]. Find the order you′d like to cancel and click [Cancel this Order]. (Please note – this link only appears if the seller has not yet processed the order) Select the check box next to the item. Click [Cancel this Order]. Click on [Verify] to verify your cancellation. We′ll send you an email to confirm the cancellation.
  • Whether there’s a problem with your order or you simply have a question
    the place to start is to contact us on SaphBooks Policy requires to answer all buyer inquiries within 2 business days. Sending your inquiry through the SaphBooks system will ensure that a record of your email is saved within your account. Here’s what you should do and what will happen: Contact SaphBooks Customer Support on Be sure to include the SaphBooks Order Number and the book title, as well as the date of your email and your question.
  • I No Longer Need The Book
    SaphBooks’ Return Policy guarantees that you can return any book for a refund within 30 days, if you received the wrong book, or if it’s the correct book but was inaccurately described online, or if the book arrived damaged, follow these return instructions. However, if you:  ordered the wrong book in error;  ordered a textbook and then dropped the class;  ordered a book and then realized you don’t need it after all;  ordered a book and then found another copy elsewhere; then SaphBooks made no error and is not required to accept a return.
  • Where Is My Book?
    If your book has not arrived and you think it may be late, follow these steps:  Look up the order and check the estimated delivery date. Also check whether tracking has been provided.  If you have confirmed that the book is late, contact us on directly and ask for additional information. The estimated delivery date is provided in your ‘Order Processed’ email but can also be found via [My Account]. Click [View My Purchases] and locate your order in the list. The estimated delivery date is displayed within the order details. If it is past the estimated delivery date and no tracking information has been provided, then you are eligible for a refund.
  • Can’t Find an Answer?
    Contact SaphBooks Customer Support on
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